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October 14, 2011

Flu Symptoms? Salt Does the Body Good


Raw weather brings on cold and flu season. The expense of OTC meds can add up. Many of our mothers and grandmothers were brought up to fashion DIY remedies out of cheaper and more wholesome items generally found around the house. One is salt.

Gargling. Gargling with salt water is an age-old remedy for sore throat and helps get rid of the thick mucus that can collect at the back of the throat, especially after you've been lying down. It can also help ease stuffy ears by opening clogged eustachian tubes.

Nasal irrigation. To ease stuffiness and post-nasal drip and hopefully cut down on sinus infections, some doctors recommend nasal irrigation. You can pick up a neti pot with salt packets or choose a saline squeeze bottle. You pour salt water into one nostril and let it run out the other, clearing out your nasal passages. You can also pick up some pre-made saline solution or make your own by mixing salt and warm water.

Epsom Salt. Many people, including some physicians, recommend a healing soak in Epsom Salt to relieve stress, improve circulation and soften the skin. Epsom salts are also used as a laxative, so there may be some undesired consequences if your child likes to drink bath water. We are not physicians here at Weather Snob, so as always, consult with your own physician about any remedies for yourself and your family.

[via 10 Home Remedies for the Flu | WebMD]


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October 12, 2011

Automatic Power Failure Interior Lights


Don't let yourself and your family be suddenly plunged into the dark during a power failure. It's scary and a good way to get hurt. These Automatic Power Failure Lights provide illumination inside your home during a power outage.


The included power detector plugs into a wall outlet and constantly monitors the house's electricity. When power is lost, it instantly turns on up to 30 lights (two included, more available) from up to 100' away via a wireless signal. Each light's LED produces crisp, white light to illuminate hallways, stairs, and rooms.


You can remove the power detector from the outlet and use it to manually control the lights and as a handheld flashlight as well. The system runs on batteries to provide 40 hours of illumination, so no need for hard-wiring. The LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours.

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October 10, 2011

Blustery Day Weathervane


A quick glance at a weather vane will tell you the direction of the wind and thus what weather conditions will be headed your way. While weather vanes are functional, they are decorative as well, and are mounted through the roof of a house or garage. This Blustery Day Weathervaneicon is crafted of copper and comes complete with ornament, directionals, spacer globes, and masts.

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October 7, 2011

Hand-crafted Wood Fat Cat Thermometer


This hand-crafted Albesia wood Fat Cat Thermometer makes checking the weather fun. Attach this mercury-free black and white cat thermometer to your outside window with suction cups. It displays Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, is handpainted with non-toxic paints and then lightly coated with polyurethane for weather resistance.

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October 6, 2011

Waterproof Reversible Dog Jacket


Rain, snow, wind, and cold--no matter what the weather, many dogs still need and want their walks. Dress your dog in this waterproof Reversible Dog Jacket and head outside.


It's constructed with water-resistant polyester on one side, pure wool on the reverse. In Burgundy/Navy, Herringbone, Black Watch.

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October 5, 2011

Animated Color Forecast Station by La Crosse


Check out the weather in living color with this Color Forecast Station by La Crosse. The station features animated color graphs with an indoors/outdoors thermometer and humidity percentage, plus minimum/maximum records. It also indicates the heat index and dew point, with accurate atomic time and date and a perpetual calendar.

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October 4, 2011

WeatherWear -- Echo Touch Gloves with Touch Screen Compatibility


It's completely frustrating to try to work a smart phone with gloves on, but the alternative is frozen fingers and raw knuckles. During this cold season, get yourself a couple pairs of Echo Touch Gloves.

Echo Touch gloves are fitted with silicone on the index finger and thumb to let you work your iPod, iPhone, iPad and other touch sensitive digital devices with ease. The elastic, thermal-fleece fabric is tight, warm, and stylish--great gift.

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October 3, 2011

Shrub Covers -- Protect Your Landscaping from Winter Damage


Now is the time to be getting the hacienda ready for winter. Your landscaping plants are painful to lose and expensive to replace. These Shrub Covers can help yours to survive the winter. Get them staked into place before the ground freezes over.

A sturdy shrub cover protects plants from the weather--snow damage, winter burn--as well as animals and pests, while letting air, water and sun to penetrate. These are preferred over burlap as burlap wicks moisture away from plants. Easy to use. Clean and fold flat for storage.

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October 1, 2011

Weather Snob Monthly Round-Up -- September 2011


Don't look now--it's October! We are looking forward to finding lots of weather-related gear and tips as fall sets in--the weather affects us all. Here's a look back at what we covered this past month.

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September 30, 2011

La Crosse Technology Weather Channel WS-9005TWC-IT Wireless Rain Center with Self-Emptying Rain Bucket


Seems like in parts of our country, the downpour just won't let up. Monitor your rain conditions with this La Crosse Technology Weather Channel Wireless Rain Center with self-emptying rain bucket. It displays the total rainfall for the last 24 hours, along with light or heavy rain indicators.

As user, you can set your own rainfall alarm for the past 24 hours to be alerted as needed. The rain bucket is wireless and self-tipping. The unit has a transmission range 330 feet and the display unit updates every 4.5 seconds.

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